Client: Newcrest Mining Limited
Location: Papua New Guinea

The Lihir Gold Mine is located on the island of Lihir in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea and is owned and operated by Newcrest Mining Limited.

Prior to HMR’s involvement, the average time for a change out on a grinding mill gearbox at the LihirGold Mine was 72 hours. HMR estimated works could be completed in 36 hours, and in actual time the target was achieved in just 30 hours.HMR remained onsite and rebuilt the gearbox inthe Lihir workshop.

The service life of the gearbox doubled as a result when compared to previous rebuilds, and HMR has repeated this work multiple times since. HMR has since been the only company contracted to work on these grinding mills.

In September 2014 HMR travelled to Lihir and conducted a free site inspection of the crushing and grinding circuits. As a result, HMR carried out a number of smaller maintenance works, and in early 2015 Newcrest requested HMR to provide all supervision for the maintenance works on the three grinding circuits and two crushing circuits. HMR has been providing continuous maintenance service on this machinery since.

HMR also provides shutdown coordinators working under Newcrest’s supervision on a continual basis, as well as substitute full-time staff to fill the roles of maintenance technicians, planners, shutdown scoping and document writing in the form of shutdown work packs.

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