Client: Evolution Mining
Location: Queensland

Mt Rawdon is an open-pit gold operation located in Mount Perry, Queensland, owned and operated by Evolution Mining.

HMR commenced work in 2015 on a Symetra 1900 Gearbox after it had been rebuilt a year earlier by a competitor. This equipment should have remained fully operational for an additional ten years after the initial rebuild, but upon inspection by HMR it was deemed to be at the point of inevitable failure within three months.

HMR changed the bearings during the first shutdown, and in the second 12 months later changed two pinions. HMR continued to monitor the gearbox for close to five years by carrying out regular inspections, conducting on-site machining and adjustment to correct back to OEM specifications, and monitoring wear patterns, contact marks, loading and gear teeth Measurements.

As a result of these works, HMR Engineering extended the life of the gearbox from the point of failure within three-months, to five years of continuous operation and production.

In doing so the client gained a saving of over $120,000 a year until new gearing was sourced in July 2019 and subsequently installed by HMR Engineering.

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