Apron Feeder Services

work processes
to reduce risk

Apron feeders are robust, heavy material handling equipment that do a lot of the heavy moving in mineral processing. Although they are not especially complex, their size and function means they can be awkward to work on, and maintenance teams need to be aware of the risk of accidents and ensure work processes are followed that reduce this risk.

Innovative methods to reduce equipment downtime

HMR’s experience and culture of innovation means we always seek better ways of doing things, and find safer and faster ways of completing projects. We are able to identify efficiencies and safety improvements in processes that result in shorter periods of equipment downtime. For example, when working on apron feeder pan changes HMR uses a modularised method for pan installation, not only does this reduce manual handling, it also contributes to time efficiencies and reduces downtime of equipment.

Complete maintenance & support services

Our apron feeder maintenance and support services include assessments of your apron feeders condition, long term procurement planning and recommendations for improvements to extend service life, as well as regular or breakdown maintenance and  refurbishments.

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