Design & Innovation

Solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of equipment

When equipment condition is not optimal you run the risk of excessive downtime and unnecessary capital expenditure. At HMR we recognise our clients are looking for new ideas and solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of equipment to keep it running at optimal performance, maximise its service life and manage costs.

When you have equipment that’s not operating at optimal level or not meeting its expected service life, we will analyse it and engineer a solution to redesign or upgrade the equipment. The goal being to implement a solution that improves serviceability and management that reduce downtime and increase equipment service-life, so you don’t need to replace large capital items as frequently.


With experience ranging from design to operation, we know fixed and mobile equipment. We can quickly and accurately diagnose issues and find the cause of failures and inefficiencies. We understand the factors that contribute to equipment problems and can assist with recommendations to reduce the frequency of issues. Our extensive on-site knowledge means we won’t offer you impractical solutions.

Design & design upgrades

We can help you identify potential issues and early failures in your mineral processing equipment as well as fix problems when they occur to prolong the service life of your equipment. Our analysis, practical experience and ability to engineer better design outcomes allows us to adapt and re-design your current equipment and implement improvements for better operation, less downtime and longer equipment service life.

Service life optimisation

We specialise in reverse engineering solutions for equipment and can help you extend the service life. We are experienced in redesigning and reengineering equipment to maximise productivity, reliability, service life and reduce costs.

Specialist knowledge & expertise

On every project, we work with our clients using our expertise and experience to troubleshoot problems and work quickly toward smart solutions. We utilise our years of expertise looking for better ways to deliver the best results helping our clients improve efficiency and reduce costs.

We have specialist knowledge and experience in:

  • Reverse Engineering solutions for Plant & Equipment
  • Grinding Mill (and associated parts) installation, maintenance and re-furbishment
  • Complex Repairs for Critical Equipment
  • Onsite maintenance and shutdown services
  • Contract Onsite services optimisation
  • Critical Equipment troubleshooting

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