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Experts in WA: specialised transport for critical & expensive equipment

HMR offers specialised transport for equipment susceptible to brinelling (including gearboxes and motors) from our workshop in Midvale, Perth, to anywhere in Western Australia.

For critical and expensive equipment, don’t risk damage through the use of standard transport. To guarantee your equipment arrives in perfect working order, HMR will deliver it to site via our specialised transport services. Our number one priority is ensuring our customers’ equipment arrives safely – in the same condition it leaves our workshop. 

Who better to trust to deliver your equipment safely in Western Australia than the people that worked on it?

Your equipment delivered to in optimal condition

When you’ve sent equipment for specialist repair, maintenance or redesign, don’t risk losing optimal operation by using standard transport. Getting equipment from A to B is only one part of the job. Getting it there undamaged so it can be put into service and operate correctly is another thing. 

Damage during transport can significantly reduce the operating life of your equipment. For instance, it’s worth considering the impact on gearbox bearings when transported on a trailer without airbags or by a company that doesn’t offer specialised transport and doesn’t understand how quickly bearings can brinell on rough road conditions. Given it’s often necessary to transport equipment long distances on rough roads in WA, specialised transport services prevent the risk of damage to susceptible equipment.

Our drivers are also specialist repairers

Our drivers are specialist repairers who understand the equipment they’re transporting. We have intimate knowledge of your individual equipment and the risks in transporting it. We will maintain its integrity and functionality during transport so there are no unexpected delays caused by damage. When moving critical equipment in WA, specialised transport by drivers that understand your equipment ensures it will arrive safely.

We transport, install, maintain & commission equipment

Our registered transport services are able to transport a diverse range of heavy haulage items including oversize plant and equipment. We can also provide our (based in WA) specialised team to install, maintain and commission the equipment we transport. 

With delivery available anywhere in WA, specialised transport by HMR ensures your equipment arrives safely and ready for operation – every time.

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What area do you service?

All of WA – specialised transport is available for a diverse range of heavy haulage items to customers throughout Western Australia. We’re based in Midvale, Perth.

What type of equipment do you transport?

We specialise in equipment susceptible to brinelling, including gearboxes and motors. In WA, specialised transport use is essential for critical mining equipment to ensure it arrives at site safely.

What makes HMR’s WA specialised transport service different?

We are specialist repairers and understand your equipment. Customers shouldn’t have to risk a loss to equipment form simply because it’s moved from A to B, so HMR decided to fill a WA specialised transport gap to ensure equipment always arrives in optimum operating condition. From our workshop in Midvale WA, specialised transport of equipment around the state is one of our key service offerings.